Let’s talk about Health

We have successfully started this educational series about good health. Every Thursday From 8:30 pm to 9 pm, we entertain our community with useful health talks about how to stay healthy or start healing. We approach various aspects of a healthy life and we use our Haitian resources to create the material. Our conversations are in Haitian creole to facilitate the language barrier for our community. Call in at (667) 776-9267 every Thursday at 8:30pm

If you have a question or subject you want us to address, please send us your request at nkhforlife@gmail.com.

For the replays, subscribe to our channel on youtube NKH LIFE

If you love the Haitian community and would like to share your expertise, you are welcome! Please leave us a note at nkhfolife@gmail.com. A youtube channel with the compilation of our recordings will be available.

To keep up with the progress we need your support, we’d appreciate your help.