Let’s talk about Health

We have successfully started this educational series about good health. Every Thursday From 8:30 pm to 9 pm, we entertain our community with useful health talks about how to stay healthy or start healing. We approach various aspects of a healthy life and we use our Haitian resources to create the material. Our conversations are in Haitian creole to facilitate the language barrier for our community. Call in at (667) 776-9267 every Thursday at 8:30pm

If you have a question or subject you want us to address, please send us your request at nkhforlife@gmail.com.

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If you love the Haitian community and would like to share your expertise, you are welcome! Please leave us a note at nkhfolife@gmail.com. A youtube channel with the compilation of our recordings will be available.

To keep up with the progress we need your support, we’d appreciate your help.

We are providing teas, it’s good for your Health

Delicious tea, healthy life

Read this Web MD article about the health benefits of teas.

From green tea to hibiscus, from white tea to chamomile, teas are chock full of flavonoids and other healthy goodies .By Julie Edgar

Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, tea has caught the attention of researchers in the West, who are discovering the many health benefits of different types of teas.

Studies have found that some teas may help with cancerheart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight losslower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities.

“There doesn’t seem to be a downside to tea,” says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, LD. “I think it’s a great alternative to coffee drinking. First, tea has less caffeine. It’s pretty well established that the compounds in tea – their flavonoids – are good for the heart and may reduce cancer.”

Although a lot of questions remain about how long tea needs to be steeped for the most benefit, and how much you need to drink, nutritionists agree any tea is good tea. Still, they prefer brewed teas over bottled to avoid the extra calories and sweeteners.

At NKH, we have used our donations to prepare and blend the herbs for you. It had required time, knowledge and skills , and we do it with pleasure. Here are the varieties we offer:

Anti-Stress : to assist with anxiety and the symptoms of high stress

Detox-Wellness: To promote release of toxins and heavy metals

Immune Booster: to assist with the modulation and strength of your immune system

Allergy relief : to reduce inflammation and discomfort of environmental allergy

Strong as a bear: to favor a healthy libido

Relaxing Nervines: Promotes sleep and relaxation of the autonomic nervous system

Thermal tea: to heat up your metabolism and bring comfort and warmth

Cope with Stress: Help with extreme fatigue brought by stress and over work.

Go easy: Provide temporary relief of Symptoms of constipation

Liver Cleanse: Assist with liver health

Relax and digest: Promote healthy digestion : absorption and elimination

Lemon Ginger: This isa powerful inflammation modulator and health promoting.

As you make your donation, you’ll be able to tell us what tea you want and the amount and your shipping information. Suggested donations: Bag of ta blend $10, shipping $5. Donate more if you can, we’ll use it lovingly.

Affordable Naturopathic consults

As a fundraiser we are offering Naturopathic consultations to support our community.

Have a question? need a second opinion?

Dr. Martine Delonnay is a Naturopathic Doctor with a Medical Doctorate background. She put her expertise available to you. If you need assistance with your health contact us. She also guide people on how to modulate their immune system in this pandemic. Your donation will benefit many families and assure the continuation of our programs. We thank you in advance.

Give What your heart wants, we’ll appreciate it and use it lovingly

Suggested donation is : $50

 If you wish to speak to Dr. Delonnay , please make a donation and book your appointment.

We want to improve lives, we want to create more smiles

We want to sustain healthy living on our Planet

Please write us at nkhforlife@gmail.com or leave us a message at (802) 760-6107